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Balint and Associates was founded in 1974 by Raymond Balint. We specialize in customized payroll processing and stock & custom business forms such as checks, envelopes, letterhead, business cards, labels, advertising pieces, pressure seal forms and machines - and much more!

Accounting Software
In 1974, computers ran using punch cards and paper tapes. However, at that time an accounting software system was devised whose core functions remain relevant today. The accounting software evolved in functionality and hardware platforms over the decades. Today, we have developed the general ledger and payroll modules into a modern, user friendly Windows driven interface based on business intelligence gathered over the decades.

What sets our payroll software apart is straight forward reporting and the ability to easily handle payroll distributed among different cities and other categories. We have years of experience programming for and processing payrolls where services are performed in multiple locations. Our system handles the challenges of processing multiple city withholding rates with ease. We also specialize in systems to create customer billing records directly from the payroll entry module. We can interface with QuickBooks to suite any payroll need.

Our general ledger system has been around for decades and still has a strong following today. The system combines years of experience producing effective statements and reports with a modern user friendly interface that makes entering and editing data a breeze. The system interfaces with QuickBooks and Excel for ultimate efficiency and flexibility in reporting and gathering data.

Forms Sales
At Balint & Associates, our team of experienced professionals understand that your business demands individuality in its business forms and systems. We provide:
*Design service to insure your business forms properly project your company image.
*Custom forms for any application
*Custom logo service
*Wide variety of specialty products
*We guarantee compatibility with over 1500 software programs

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